COVID Death for Normal Economy — 30 pieces of Silver

As for the economy… I am fine with the economy as is until the USA obtains a level of testing and contact tracing that will actually reveal the risk of returning to economic normal,…i.e., I am adamantly opposed  “opening the economy” again until we have the tools needed to operate the “economy” without COVID killing 2,400 people (5) per day.  I do not need thirty pieces of silver but if I did, I would pass up 29 pieces to save my life and 30 pieces to save my spouse. I’ve heard the jackasses in Indiana, Texas, and now Louisiana spouting out their Logan’s Run Carrousel Philosophy of killing off the older population as Jesus-like martyrs.  Uhhh…nope, I am not in on that idea.

Even starving penguins stay out of the water when they think killer whales are nearby.  In this case, we know the COVID killer is out there and the normal economy allows those killers to wipe out at least 3 percent of the population.

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