CDC 30 Day Advisory is NOT Nationwide Stay Advise

Today, the Surgeon General mentioned Federalism to answer Savanah Guthrie’s question as to whether ALL states should have stay at home orders. (1)

(1)  time: 2:20

Stunningly he claimed that the “30 DAYS TO SLOW THE SPREAD” (2) advisory is meant to convey that everyone in the nation should social distance.  In fact that document says no such thing.

(2)  Note that is a two page document while the SG show only the first page.  Regardless, neither the two pages advises every American to stay at home. In fact, the only advice to everyone about social distance is to avoid groups larger than 10 people.  (page 2)

Guthrie: Shouldn’t every state in this country have a stay at home order … is the question?

SG:  Well, that’s that’s the whole point of [he lifts a bulletin in front of him] these 30 days to slow the spread guidelines that we put out, we want nationally people to understand the importance of social distancing. Uh, we live in a nation that has a system of federalism and the governors get to make the decision but [SG begins pointing emphatically at the bulletin] we’re going to give [Guthrie starts talking] them the best possible guidance we can [SG stops pointing at the bulletin] and that’s to stay at home and to social distance.

Later at about 3:21 into the interview,

SG: Well these guidelines are a national stay at home order.. [points to the bulletin]

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